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"An edgy, fast-moving, Seuss-ian political allegory for a new generation."

"Put this first in a planned series in the same stack as Harry Potter and Percy Jackson."

"The authors have created an imaginative and profound world. The descriptions of the mehkans are so original and detailed, readers might think these creatures actually exist… A fine addition to any middle grade collection."

     Twelve-year-old Phoebe Plumm has everything in the world except a friend. She lives in Albright City, an opulent Art Deco metropolis of the future brimming with spectacular luxuries: rocket-fast Cable Bikes and Zip Trolleys, gleaming Televiewers and Computators, and a never-ending parade of streamlined innovations. These mechanical wonders are made by the Foundry, a global corporation with a monopoly on technology where Phoebe’s father, Dr. Jules Plumm, works as Chief Surveyor.


     But one night, he is brutally abducted. When Phoebe and her rowdy servant boy, Micah Tanner, race to the rescue, they find themselves stranded in a fiercely beautiful fantasy realm of living metal called Mehk. Forced to rely on each other, Phoebe and Micah will risk everything to save Dr. Plumm, and in the process, unearth a sinister secret that will change the world...

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