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     I rolled my first Constitution Saving Throw when I was born during a Texas heat wave. In second grade, I wrote my first book about a wombat named "Mr. Cuzul" who wore fluorescent sneakers and yearned to discover whether he was supposed to hibernate or not. Once, I played Combat on my Atari 2600 for forty-eight hours straight. Look, I was a weird kid. Maybe I failed my first Save...

     Soon, I discovered Dungeons & Dragons and became obsessed with building worlds, weaving narratives, and drawing my friends' dead characters (slain by my hand as their Dungeon Master.) This unhealthy preoccupation led me to study animation at SVA in Manhattan and CalArts in Valencia, CA. I made short films that screened around the world at festivals like Cinequest, Anima Mundi, and the BBC British Short Film Festival, which started my career as a writer (and slayer of more characters) in the entertainment industry. With over fourteen years of experience, I have written for major Hollywood studios like Sony, Dreamworks, and Disney, eventually winning an Emmy for my contributions to Elena of Avalor. I also authored a trilogy of fantasy novels for Disney-Hyperion called The Books of Ore, writing 1200+ pages of original published content.

     Most recently, I have relocated to the Pacific Northwest to dwell among the tree people and return to my true love of games. I am currently a Senior Writer at System Era Softworks where I have the good fortune to build dreams every day with a gang of brilliant and lovely weirdos. In my spare time, I have resumed the joys of my youth and continue to kill my friends' D&D characters.


Life is beautiful.

Check out this interview about "Why Games?" - LIVE from my dungeon!

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"Cam is the mentor I wish I'd had when I first started my writing career. He is knowledgeable, kind, and collaborative. Bringing Cam into your workspace is an opportunity to bring joy, fun, and a strong work ethic into your business."

— Meredith Fletcher, AAA Narrative Producer

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